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What is Gaiko Forum?

A monthly journal on foreign affairs, Gaiko Forum was first published in October 1988 in Tokyo. Supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, the journal has been designed and edited by Toshi Shuppan Publishers since its first issue. Our goal is to promote better understanding of the diplomatic issues currently under debate among Japanese opinion leaders,in scholarship, business circles,journalism, politics, government, and on university campuses. Since its publication, the journal has drawn increasing attention in the press and among commentators on foreign affairs and international relations.

The mission of Gaiko Forum's English edition is to take up important issues in a timely manner and offer a forum for Japanese and persons close to Japan to consider the proper path for this country in the advance of international society. Each issue presents not only the viewpoints of the foreign ministry of Japan but a broad spectrum of analysis by scholars and journalists. Its pages thus provide a true forum for lively and wide-ranging exchange of views.

Board of Advisors:
Taida Hideya
Yamauchi Masayuki
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Book Reviewers:
Fukagawa Yukiko, Hoshino Toshiya, Sakai Tetsuya

Takahashi Eiichi

Kasuya Kazuki

Editor-in-Chief :
Ito Misako

Copyright 2000-2003Toshi Shuppan, Publishers